Porn Is Good – We’re All Agreed, Right?

By | July 15, 2009

Betty PageLiving, eating and sleeping porn can make you a little oblivious to the world outside. You spend your days talking about sex, sex toys, adult movies and porn stars. It does you good occasionally to have someone take a swipe at you and say “This is wrong – you should be ashamed of yourself”.

That’s quite easy to say because recently nobody has.

The people who come to this site are apparently all perfectly willing visitors. They all appear to accept that what we do is both legal and in their eyes morally acceptable. I have to assume that because nobody has actually posted up a critical comment about the subjects we covered recently. Indeed in the past it has been so rare to receive a critical or abusive comment that they do stand out.

That in intself raises an interesting point.

We are sex bloggers and talk about sex. However we don’t actually deliberately optimise the blog for specific keywords in Google as some other sites do. To do so would be folly as it would be bloody obvious anyway, constantly repeating the same phrases and trying to attract a certain demographic because you perceive them to be a rich seam of visitors is very transparent. It also affects your writing.

Being salacious in your writing is one thing, it reflects our sexual nature and mischievous personalities when it comes to being rude, but you can take it too far. Going head-to-head with the giants of porn is stupid. They have vast budgets and apart from the odd lucky break you are not going to be able to get yourself searching for the “golden keywords” of the porn industry.

Anyway, back to my original point.

I was reading an article in one of the online broadsheets about a particularly emotive topic today. It drew a vociferous and supportive set of comments from a polarised and monothematic bunch of people. Interestingly the comments were all (except one) in support of the article they were commenting on. The cynic in me says “The wonders of moderation”.

It was as if the author had decided to filter out the comments that undermined his rather weak argument against the particular TV programme he was writing about and just publish those of commentors who actually agreed with views. Views based more on dogma than logic, more on a backward-looking than promethean mindset.

I almost feel like telling someone what we do and getting some negative feedback just to give me a reality break.