Xfactor Vibrating Cock And Ball Rings – Part 2

By | July 25, 2006

I will be perfectly honest about this, when this toy came out on top of the votes I saw it as being a toy purely for Alex to enjoy. Well how wrong was I, read this second part and you too will be keeping one in your bedside drawer. It’s not just a man thing…

Here comes the science. Given that the bullet sits on top of the balls and under the cock, I decided that the best position to get the maximum stimulation for me, would be doggy style. I gave Alex a rest after his Xfactor wank. He had a least 20 minutes to recover and spring in to action behind me for part 2 of the toy review. Ooh, the things we do for you readers, it really is a labour of lurve. LOL.

I was going to need one hand free to reach down for the control unit, so for stability I positioned my upper body over a sturdy stool. Practical thinking, that’s me. You don’t want to have to stop to readjust once you start to get in to the swing of things.

So, now I was stablised and prostrate over the stool naked as the day I was born. I will add at this point that the stool is upholstered, just in case you were wondering. Alex sidled up to my bare ass and passed me the control for the cock rings. I rested my right shoulder on the stool and reached back taking hold of the unit. I set it to low vibration.

Alex ran his hand up my slit, and anointed his cock ready for penetration. I was so ready to be fucked and running with my own juices at the though of being fucked. The buzzing came nearer and he pushed between my ass cheeks and the tip began to push inside of me.

As his cock made contact with my pussy and pushed inside I became aware of a slight buzzing. I could feel the low vibration inside my vagina. I turned the control higher and the vibrations coursed through my pussy. “Jesus” I shouted (I do hope the neighbours were too stoned to hear. :D) as the vibrations resonated through my pussy and out through my pubis. The whole of my sexual organs and were now vibrating in unison.

I have never in my life felt anything so wholly satisfying and arousing. The best of both worlds, a hard vibrating “real” cock inside me. Alex pushed himself in to the hilt and that’s when I nearly screamed with pure ecstasy as my clit began to vibrate too. This is the nearest to a heavenly fuck I have ever had.

My legs began to tremble and I turned up the control to maximum power. My lower body was now humming and resonating with pleasure. If you enjoy sitting on the spin dryer, you will love this little beauty. 😉 Alex began to pump in and out of me and within seconds I was enraptured with my first orgasm as the hairs on my body stood up and I gave myself totally to this wonderful toy.

I have always been blessed with the ability to have multiple orgasms but never have I come as quickly and so hard. My body felt as if it was pumping juices from me as pulse after pulse of muscle spasm took me over. This excited Alex and he began to pound in to me like a crazed animal. He took a firm hold of my hips and pushed deep and hard.

My legs and arms began to tremble and it was a good job that I was supported because I felt as if I was going to pass out with the intensity of the sexual high I was now on. I came again, this time with even greater emotion, it felt like my whole body was now finely tuned and my nerve endings were jangling with the intensity of the experience.

Again and again I came, I have no idea how many times in all, but I had some of the most emotional and intensely sensitised orgasms I have ever encountered. If you don’t have one of these in your toy collection, make the investment today you certainly won’t regret this purchase. Either of you…

Well I have to agree with Suze. The toy is not the most expensive in the world, in fact it’s very reasonably priced. When I looked up what it would have cost us to buy, I was surprised it wasn’t twice as expensive.

For us it did the certainly did trick. You read in Part 1 how much I enjoyed my toy, but now it’s our toy.

As I said in the previous half of the review the constriction it applies to your genitalia is just right, firm, but not too tight. It makes you aware of its presence without inflicting any pain to distract you from the moment.

As I was driving into Suze the constriction did add to the fuck. I found the vibration is secondary while fucking, except when I had completely buried my cock inside Suze. When our groins were pressed together we both felt the sensation. And feeling it together adds to the effect.

The whole experience was very satisfying and enjoyable. It completely dispelled my concern that the wire would interfere with our play. Yes you have to ensure you don’t kneel on it, but when it’s suitably routed to the partner controlling the speed you forget about it.

A most rewarding review.