Porn On Your Plasma Screen Four Feet Wide

By | July 16, 2009

Foxtrot UniformWhen we visited the ETO show last week we did a few interviews with the people there and had a great deal of fun doing it. One in particular stands out, it was on the stand of one of the adult film production companies.

Of course being a trade show they were showing their wares … on a huge plasma screen. On the stand as I was performing the interview was the MD of the company, to whom I was talking, two of his female office staff and a porn star of our mutual acquaintance.

I can’t say I didn’t notice the screen and its contents, but it didn’t seem odd. It was different than my normal office environment, or the trade shows I’ve attended for my day job, but it wasn’t at all odd because hey, this was to do with the adult industry part of my life.

Nobody else was phased either, it’s just sooooo bloody normal. So bearing that in mind, and what I said here about needing some perspective sometimes, and what Suze mentioned here about how at ease she now feels about watching porn what happened next was interesting.

On the shuttle bus back to the hotel the driver started to chat to us:

“They won’t let me in you know.” He said with a smile.

“No”, said Suze, “Trade only I’m afraid.”

“I’ve tried to talk my supervisor into letting me in but … fancied a look at some of those DVDs.”

It struck me at the time that the security guards for such events must have great fun – access all areas after hours and checking out all the merchandise. It would be just like a giant private sex shop.

The funniest thing however was the building contractors who were wandering around outside the few windows to the exhibition hall. We sat down in the cafeteria for a light lunch and watched as the yellow-helmetted workers normally languid pace slowed to almost a stop as they passed the windows, and casually looked inside, trying to spot what exactly was going on.

Maybe we should have handed out some cards. They could have read this blog and found out.

For a country that has made huge strides in the acceptance of sex, pornography and sex toys in recent years it only takes someone to say “You can’t go in there” for everyone to try and take a peek through the metaphorical keyhole.