Do You Want Me To Suck You Off?!?

By | July 17, 2009

Simony DiamondThe last couple of days and the problems with the overwhelming traffic which brought the site down have taken their toll. Last night I felt completely drained. Just like someone had turned on the tap and left it running until there wasn’t a drop of energy left.

I left Alex sitting working away at his desk for a quick break. I made my way to the bedroom and collapsed on top of the covers. Alex followed me moments later and turned on the television. He then disappeared downstairs.

As I lay on the bed I could feel myself being recharged once again. Alex appeared minutes later and he wasn’t alone. Don’t get excited! Lol He was clutching something in his right hand.

It was the Hoover. Well, I howled with laughter. He has tested various Tenga masturbators and Fleshlight products. But seriously now the Hoover! He looked at me rather puzzled momentarily and then smiled and said “I know what you are thinking and it’s not for that…I’m hoovering the cat hair off the bed”. The duvet cover was covered in black hair which the cat had deposited during his incarceration during the day.

I chuckled as I remembered reading a post by a randy old blogger who has since disappeared in to the ether. He decided in his horny wisdom one day to turn the hoover on his manhood for a bit of blowjob satisfaction.

He didn’t realise just how powerful it was and ended up with a very sore and inflamed cock. Lol Priceless…