Ring Ring Buzzzz

By | July 24, 2006

Well Alex got to open the package before me. Surprise, surprise, as he did use unfair methods to get to the post first. Grrrrr! Out popped the little box of fun, smaller and more compact than I thought it would be.

A beaming smile appeared on across Alex’s face. Yes, this time he was going to benefit from this month’s readers toy choice. I just needed to locate 2 AA batteries. Don’t panic…we have invested in a bumper pack for the sole purpose of powering our new toy acquisitions.

Do you want to know what Alex new toy is?…

…He has a brand new compact Xfactor vibrating cock & ball rings, with removable mini bullet and multi-speed dial controller. I can’t wait to capture his equipment and try this out. And I’M HOLDING THE CONTROL UNIT! 🙂

I suppose I need to hand over the Alex for the rest of this review, as he has the cock and balls you know!

Xfactor Vibrating Cock And Ball Rings – Part 1

I did get my hands on it first but Suze soon wrestled it from me and unpacked it.

It’s a small toy, but don’t let that fool you, it’s lots of fun 🙂

Suze couldn’t wait to use it, something about constricting my cock and balls I think. She can be quite cruel sometimes. Nice. The toy required two AA cells from our bumper box. Suze omitted to ensure the device was switched off before inserting them into the control unit. The powerful little bullet in the toy started unexpectedly and caused it to bounce across the desk like a demented giant insect.

The control unit is a simple black box, the speed control acts as the on-off switch too, so only one knob to twiddle with. *insert your own punch-line here*. A slightly nerdy point here, the battery compartment lid slides back then swings open and is retained by the control unit. It’s a nice piece of design that means you don’t drop it while fumbling with the unit in the dark. There’s a decent length of cable connecting the control unit to the bullet, which is useful as it allows you plenty of movement during play.

The two soft flexible rings of the toy are formed of a tubular plastic, so they are flexible and kind to the scrotum and penis. The bullet attaches where these two rings join, in it’s own soft plastic pocket.

I found fitting the rings easier without the bullet inserted and with the aid of a little lube. Getting my balls through the lower ring was tricky as the ring was only just big enough. It has to be of course to provide the constriction. The first testicle was tricky, the second even worse, but with lube and careful manipulation, Hey Presto!

I then slipped my semi-erect cock into the upper ring. Well of course it was semi erect I had just been rubbing lube over my balls and penis and manipulating them 🙂 The bullet is placed in its pocket and we’re ready to rock.

I must emphasise the lube is important, just a little lube stops the rings dragging on your skin as you put the toy on.

Suze was a willing, no eager, assistant with the control unit. The lowest setting was the most effective at first, but this changed throughout the test. It’s obviously something to do with resonance and the size/rigidity of the penis. However you don’t need to understand harmonics to use this toy, just play with the dial and see what does the trick. When you get the right speed your whole groin feels the effect, not just cock and balls.

I found that when not fully erect, being upright, standing or sitting was better than laying down as your cock presses against the bullet and this, in turn, is pushed into your scrotum. This extra contact really adds to the sensation.

Suze couldn’t help herself and manually intervened with one hand on my cock and the other operating the control. Again an advantage of a simple control, one-handed operation. So if you’re using this for solo-play no problem.

We were laying on the bed by this point. Suze’s head in my lap, my hand rubbing and massaging her pussy and clit. I think Suze’s idea was to bring me off with the toy, mouth and hand. While I wasn’t about to complain I thought she deserved something from the experience too, so I held back for about 15 minutes while I rubbed her clitoris into submission and gave her an intense clitoral orgasm. Beautiful to behold.

Throughout this time Suze experimented with positions, moving my stiff member this way and that while wanking and sucking me. She took her cues from my expression and appreciative moans. You feel the vibration of the toy in different ways depending on the orientation of your cock and balls. Even the cable vibrating when it lays across your thigh is pleasant.

I of course came soon after this, intensely and with great satisfaction It’s then I made what I believe to be a new discovery in the field of harmonics. In common with most, if not all men, the tip of my penis becomes hyper-sensitised after orgasm. Suze was still stroking my cock, coaxing the last of my sticky seed onto my belly. She loves to see me ejaculate. Wherever her fingers touched I could feel the vibration of the bullet even more intensely. I can see a Nobel Prize for physics on the way for that discovery LOL. And not just the tip, anywhere on my penis she placed her fingers I could feel the vibration more intensely.

The whole experience was enhanced by the Xfactor in two ways. Firstly the vibration, the extra stimulation, which ranged from the subtle to incredibly intense meant that the whole experience was filled with sensation. Even when you or your partner are changing positions/grip, the Xfactor is still working its magic. Secondly the constriction of the rings means that even when your penis is not erect you are conscious of it in a quiet, devilishly naughty kind of way. I even considered wearing the two rings out to the shops to see how it felt to walk around in it. I still might. Or maybe to work …

Anyway, there is a second part to this test, sex whilst wearing the Xfactor, let’s see what Suze gets out of it as I grind into her pussy while wearing it.