Buzz Fucking

By | July 18, 2009

Girl On ChairI spent this afternoon writing up a couple of reviews, one of which I’ll publish later this evening.

Reviews, yeah sex toys reviews. If you haven’t noticed that’s one of the many things that we do. LOL

It’s odd but only a few years ago that would have been a completely weird thing to be doing. Now it’s actually something that is an everyday occurrence.

One thing that I’ve learned about sex toys over the time that we’ve reviewed them is that they don’t have to be used for the purpose that the manufacturer intended. I’m not talking about stuff that’s completely weird here, just using a bit of imagination.

Take masturbators. Masturbators and strokers are you would think a solo toy for the male. Well for the most part I’d agree with you. There is however a great deal of pleasure to be had from getting your partner to bring you off by using one.

Suze is a big fan of this. It adds variety for her and is another way for her to see me cum.

You should try it with your partner.

Oh, and then shag them senseless :o)