Monday Morning Hardon

By | July 20, 2009

ALex's cockThis morning when I started to stir, you know that sweet moment which crosses between the serenity of deep slumber and consciousness I felt a twinge of horniness. Then I received a sharp reminder from my brain that the alarm was probably about to go off and Alex would be rising, not for me but work.

I nestled my head back in to the pillow accepting of the situation and started to drift off again. Then something stirred me once more. Alex didn’t have to go in to work this morning, he had the day off!

My though processes went in to overdrive as I followed my desire and spooned in to his back. “Morning sweetheart”, I whispered in his left ear. I pushed my body close to his and reached my left arm over the top of him.

I headed straight for his groin, I’m not very subtle sometimes. Lol And what a pleasant surprise awaited me. He was as hard as iron and standing proud. He solicited a couple of groans as I started to gently draw back his foreskin. I wet my fingers and smeared the tip of his cock with my saliva.

Then I began in earnest to slowly wank him. Mornings just don’t get better than this…