Pussy Pillow Power

By | July 20, 2009

Pussy PillowAttached to this post are images of two objects. One probably designed by a man, the other I suspect conceived by a woman.

It’s when you see such items juxtaposed that I realise that irritating as I find it to hear some women banging on about “reclaiming the word cunt for women”, or preaching about “the power of the yoni” faced with the pink pussy pillow they might have a point.

Men have a very different view of the world from women – that’s what makes them men. Men’s view of the female anatomy varies from the lustful but respectful to the plain crass and thoughtless. We’re all human beings regardless of our gender and deserve respect.

If a man regards the pink pussy pillow as the ultimate in always available, compliant receptacles for his cock and resultant seed then I’m with the “power of the yoni brigade”. However not all men are like that. The pink pussy pillow isn’t in itself offensive or wrong so long as it’s viewed in the context of being a bit of fun and handy for a bit of solo relief.

Just because a man masturbates using a pussy shaped toy doesn’t mean he regards it as a replacement for a real woman.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that it’s all about attitude. If you regard all men who use sex toys as mindless, lust-filled semen factories only interested in depositing their seed inside a women then you fail to understand men.

Girly Pussy PillowI know it can be difficult for women to accept that their male partner indulges in masturbation. Equally woman may feel that using sex toys themselves is somehow wrong or a slur on their man. But this is a product of your upbringing and experience. Why is it so wrong to want to experiment sexually? Why shouldn’t you enjoy the pleasure that your partner gets from masturbation?

If your sex drive urges you to want sex when your partner doesn’t then be happy and let them give themselves release. Better still give them a hand and be happy together.