Anal Play With Suze

By | July 21, 2009

SuzeWe had a set of anal beads to test out last night. I mean test out as the full review will appear on Sex Toys Buzz. Normally I’d be the one who got their ass filled but last night it was Suze.

With plenty of lube to hand and a few minutes of doggy shagging she was ready and told me so.

This is the point where it gets complicated. Juggling a bottle of lube in the half-light from the TV and trying to insert a set of anal beads whilst keeping my cock inside Suze’s pussy was a bit difficult. Actually that was an understatement. It was a nightmare.

You see Suze doesn’t do anal unless she’s in exactly the right mood and the right mood is most easily brought about by a good shagging. To maintain the right frame of mind she prefers to have my cock still inside her so as you can imagine I felt like a circus performer juggling plates.

However I eventually got the first bead and then the second inside her while I simultaneously thrust in and out of her pussy. The third and final bead wouldn’t quite enter her comfortably, maybe a lack of lube. However we’ll try again tonight and you can read what happens when we publish the review on Sex toys Buzz.