Stir Crazy Pussy

By | July 21, 2009

Kim KaneRemember we had to take the cat to the vets the other week. Yes, you all thought this was going to be a dirty piece didn’t you. Lol You need to scroll down to the next post if you are looking for filth you naughty people. 😉

Well the cat had his dressing removed last Thursday evening and we were both feeling elated at the thought he could now go outside with his pals. You can’t imagine how disappointed we felt when the nurse said whilst removing the last remnants of the dressing “you will now need to keep him indoors for the next two weeks to allow the muscles to strengthen and keep his toe in place”.

I’m sure the look on our faces matched that of the cat.

I had been telling him all day that he would be able to go out once we got back from the vet. What a fraud I felt. Lol Ok, I know he probably didn’t understand what I said to him…OK, didn’t know what the hell I was promising to him. But I still felt bad. Is that silly?

Anyway, since then I have been punished on a regular basis as he takes to crying by the front door or scratching it. With the occasional visits in to my office to shout at me, that is exactly what it feels like as he spits out his meow in my general direction.

With another 81/2 days to go I don’t know who is going to go crazy first. 🙂