Dirty Filthy Secrets

By | July 22, 2009

AuzeI’m into my third week of working at home and enjoying the luxury of having more time to do everything. We were both at bursting point, juggling full time jobs and working in to the wee small hours when we got home to keep the sites running.

Yes, I miss some of my work colleagues and some days I feel a little lonely sat at my desk on my own but the benefits out weigh the down sides.

Because I am still playing catch up it still feels a bit manic at the moment but as soon as I have caught up my routine will be less hectic and more focused. I feel a bit like I am being pulled every which way. Lol

My neighbours are elderly and therefore at home most of the time and they have noticed that Suze hasn’t been to work for a while. I bumped in to one this morning and had to explain that I was now working from home.

I told her I was writing copy for a website and had my fingers crossed that she wouldn’t ask more questions because I hate lying to people. But sometimes there is no option. We have had to be less than honest with our families about exactly what Suze gets up to during the day. 😉

There are times I would love to share my secret online life with my family because I am so proud of what we have achieved in the last four years of blogging. But some things are best kept secret.