How Much To Fuck A Virgin?

By | July 23, 2009

baby DollI read with interest earlier this evening that yet another girl is to sell her virginity to the highest bidder. Is this the third, or fourth?

This time it’s an Ecuadorian called Evelyn Duenos. She’s hoping for lots of money and assuming the bids she’s allegedly received are genuine the payout could be over £2,000,000. According to Evelyn the money is to help pay for her mother’s Alzheimer’s treatment.

The previous virginity sale was kicked off by a Romanian girl Alina Percea. She had to settle for rather less for her defloration because some doubts were raised as to whether she was in fact inviolate … She was recently bedded by her “first”, an Italian businessman for £8,782.

It’s getting so regular I’m thinking of setting up a site called for anyone wishing to auction their cherry.

I have a suggestion for all the young women considering a V-Sale. If you’re going to do it, don’t. Just string along the journos from a tabloid and if possible a TV channel for a while. If you can get them to make a documentary about it and then at the last moment have a crisis of conscience and don’t go through with it. So long as they’ve paid you in advance everyone’s happy.

They get a story, you get your money and your hymen, assuming you still have one, stays intact for the guy you actually care about.