Virtual Porn For Your Games Console

By | July 23, 2009

CHristine MartinIt’s a law of technology that any computer game for a home computer or console that has adult content is crap.

I don’t think it’s just that games design and writing involves the use of a certain number of nerds, some of whom may not have had much knowledge of the opposite sex. Though that could be part of it.

I get the feeling that because a game has the feature of nudity and/or sex of some description the games design stops right there. It’s as if during the conception of the game the designers said “OK, we have the killer idea that’s going to sell to a million randy guys, why should we add anything else?”

I remember strip poker and other games from home computers whose graphic capabilities were simply not up to showing any sort of lurid detail. Even they had saucy games of limited availability that were hounded out of existence soon after their release and denounced as depraved.

When you’re a hormonal teenager I suppose the pixelated and oddly coloured image of a vaguely female naked body on your screen is all you need to get off.

You have to admit it’s a shame that even in today’s high-tech world, where graphics processors can render a ridiculously large number of polygons, wrap a texture round it and then make the character move like a real human being there are still no good adult video game titles. I would suggest that if there are any for the PS3 or XBOX 360 they’ll feature quite simple stick figures rendered in a Manga style with very bad AI

Not really worth getting your joypad sticky for.

Anyone know any different?