Being Dirty Filthy Together

By | July 23, 2009

NipplesI love the fact that I am not rattling around on this site all on my own and that there are lots of you out there reading the filth that we write. 😉 After all without your visits what would be the point in me sharing my most intimate moments and thoughts.

You may be silent and visit without leaving a trace but we know you have visited and we know where you came from.

The comments may be silent but your stay has been registered.

This may sound a little spooky so I’ll let you in to a little secret that doesn’t make this sound so creepy. Lol I checked out our site stats and they revealed that we not only receive a high volume of traffic but it also comes from all over the world.

I was astounded when I counted you all up to see that we are visited daily by 172 plus countries from around the globe. Wow!

That just makes all the time and effort put in to this site and our others so worth while. I just want to say thanks to you all even though you are stealth visitors we appreciate you. X