It Feels Like The First Time

By | May 18, 2007

You all know how much Alex and I love to experiment with anal play on him.  We have graduated from fingering his tight little hole to using butt plugs to stimulate his prostate.  With some very sexually satisfying moments for both of us.

I love to watch him take a butt plug up inside his ass inch by inch until it hits the hilt and locks in to position.  The look on his face at it hits the sweet spot and the hardon he gets when it’s in place deep inside his rectum.

It turns me on seeing him enjoy my anal ministrations on him.  I suppose it makes me feel like I’m in control, instead of being the recipient of his phallus.  Yes, that’s what it is.  A feeling of empowement over your guy.  I know I can give him a blowjob and let him come in my mouth or masturbate him until he comes all over his own stomach but this feels different, to actually enter him instead of giving him external stimulation.  Does that make sense?

Well last night we did something which I have been waiting for months to be able to try.  Thanks to the super people at Barbara Kelly we have been sent a package of toys to review and amongst them was…shall I tell you?…I think I’ll keep you in suspense just a little longer…

a strap-on.  I have always wanted to fuck a girl with one but never had the opportunity.  It intrigued me to know just what it feels like to possess a cock and be able to fuck someone with it.  Now I had my chance, I wanted Alex’s virginal ass.

I removed the Posable Partner strap on from it’s box.  It was a black one with an elastic harness.  The cock itself was very nice to the touch, flexible but stiff enough to penetrate the tightest of pussies or asses.  😉  The rubber compound feels soft to the touch, almost like skin.  The cock is mounted on a hard plastic mount with a soft backing which sits against your groin and to my surprise stays in place during use.

As I attached the straps to the cock I began to feel my heart beat increase and my excitement became apparent by my rapid breathing.  I couldn’t wait to try it on as soon as I had adjusted the straps to fit.

I pulled the harness up over my hips and the cock settled in to place on my pubis.  It felt strange having a cock sticking out from my groin but nice.  😉  I shook my hips and watched in bounce around just like a real one.  Alex laughed and said “You like that don’t you?”  “I love it!”, I replied, trying not to sound too enthusiastic.  Lol

Looking down and taking the cock in my hands I could just imagine how if feels to be a guy and wank off.  I ran my hand up and down the shaft and played with the tip.  I was getting in to this now.

“Do you want to try it?”…

…”Who on?”, I asked.

“Me, who do you think”, came Alex’s reply.


I didn’t want to assume that Alex was ready for this, as we are still in the early stages with anal play.  If anything I thought I would be trying it out and imaging a girl fucking me hard from behind.  Perhaps one day…  😉

That was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Alex rose up on to his knees and pointed his ass at me.  I opened the bedside drawer and took out the tub of petroleum jelly.  I thought it would be nice and viscous and good preparation for anal entry.  I scooped a good ball of jelly on to my fingers and ran it around the tip of the strap on.

I then ran my fingers down the shaft spreading the jelly all over the cock, I have to admit I got a little carried away and began to wank the cock.  Alex broke me from it’s spell by raising himself on to his knees and pointing his ass at me.

I was now very, very excited and I could feel my juices oozing down my legs.  My heart was racing and I felt slightly light headed, intoxicated by the moment.  The moment I had waited so long for.

Alex’s ass looked so inviting and his balls so full and ready to explode.  I moved in behind him holding the cock in my right hand, just like a guy.  Strange but it felt natural as I pushed the tip against his puckered anus and watched it contract and then open as I pushed gently against it and slipped the tip inside.

This girl felt empowered, sexual, almost animal as she eased the cock inside that tight little ass.  I must have been smiling from ear to ear as I had the moment I had only dreamed about.  Everything had been leading up to this heated, sexually charged moment and I was going to enjoy every moment of it.

Alex gasped as I pushed deeper inside him, taking it slowly, not wanting to force myself on him.  I could see the PJ had collected in a white collar around the cock and realised that we needed more lube to enable me to fuck his ass.

I reached over to the drawer again and with my fingertips just managed to grab hold of the melon flavoured lube in there.  My cock was still buried in Alex’s ass as I retrieved the lube.  I pulled the top off and turned the bottle upside down and in good porn fashion let the lube dribble down his crack and on to my cock.

JESUS! This was making me so aroused.  I poured more lube on to the dick and placed the bottle down.  I resumed my inward thrust and watched as Alex swallowed me up.  “You control it, push against me and take it at your own pace”, I suggested being very tentative about hurting him.  “OK”, came Alex’s reply.

He began to push against my groin and eat more of that rubber dildo, releasing moans of ecstasy as his ass was filled.  With a final thrust from me he took the whole of my length and let out a cry of pleasure as he bowed his head.  It felt so good to know that I was doing this, me…me fucking his ass.

“Fuck me!”, he demanded.  Who was I to disagree?  I pulled away from his ass at the same time extracting the cock, inch by inch and then I carefully pushed it back in again.  I did this several times, watching Alex arch his back with the gripping sensation of anal penetration.  I grabbed hold of his hip with my left hand as I moved slowly in and out of him.  I didn’t think Alex could make such sounds but he was audibly getting off on this.  What am I saying, so was I, my pussy was aching, no begging to be fucked.

I have to admit I felt like ramming hard in and out of him but controlled myself, there would be plenty of time for that.  😉  Alex asked me to pull out of him as he wanted to fuck me and by then I was so aroused despite the fact that I was enjoying fucking his asshole I wanted to feel his cock inside me.

Slowly I withdrew from his colon and watched as his anus shut behind me like a trapdoor.  Alex wasted no time and turned to face me.  His erection was huge and there was a string of clear fluid hanging from the tip of it.  Cum had been dribbling out of him the whole time I was working on his ass.  I took his hardon in my hand and sucked off the residue.

I eased the strap on off over my hips and placed it on the bedside cabinet.

“Alex fuck me hard”…