My Pussy Loves Cock Rings

By | July 24, 2009

Dinky BangerI’m counting down the days until we can let the bloody cat out. He has been particularly mental today, huge eyes, dilated pupils and lots of claws and teeth. Lol He has been on guard duty at the front door, with regular visits to scratch and mew at it.

It has been quite warm here and I can’t have the windows open to let fresh air in for fear of him jumping out. Trying to find something to occupy him even for a short time has been so difficult.

I truly think he is becoming depressed as he enters his 3rd week of being banged up in the house. Although I keep on telling him this is his last week I know he doesn’t understand and I feel as bloody frustrated as he does.

Before all this happened, in fact a few days before I caught The Rammer attempting to push a toy delivery through the cat flap and shouted at him to stop before he broke the catch. The ignorant bastard left the parcel on the front door step and went on his way.

And now we have had to remove the cat flap and replace it with a piece of unsightly wood to keep the cat in. I have wondered what The Rammer thinks of this, does he think we boarded it up because of him? Lol

Tonight in desperation I decided to give him one of Alex’s old cock rings to play with. He loved it, I actually think I saw him smile. Metaphorically of course. Alex pointed out that we would have a real dilemma on our hands if he swallowed it.

How could you explain to the vet that you gave him a cock ring to play with because he was bored. Uhmmm.