Amazing Nakedness

By | July 25, 2009

Lea WalkerIf you have been keeping up here at chez AlexSuze you will be aware that the naturist nude night is taking place this Saturday in York. They will be kitting off and walking through a corn maze, check out my post from earlier.

The maze is enormous, measuring the size of 15 Wembley sized football pitches. I was going to direct you to the naturists site but it is down at the moment, you can however click this link to check out the maze’s site.

I was going to ask how you would keep your excitement at bay. The men I mean. 🙂 But the weather has turned wet and cold here the last few days so I don’t think erections will come in to it.

They will probably be risking hypothermia. If you are attending this event good luck and take plenty of warm blankets and flasks. It is Summer after all. Lol