Extreme And Sick With It

By | July 26, 2009

Glory HoleIf it wasn’t bad enough that the British government have put in place laws making the possession of “Extreme Porn” a criminal offence the first person to be charged using those laws is also charged with offences against a minor.

I’ve already made my concerns about this law’s possible misuse against people in healthy BDSM relationships and the criminalisation of individuals engaged in consenting acts. So I’ll not go there again. This case is sickening, because it involves a minor, and if the defendant is found guilty then he should be punished to the full extent of the law. It’s also worrying that the alleged paedophile is also deemed to be in possession of “extreme porn”.

Was this assessment made based on his other alleged crimes? Is the pornography genuinely hideous or are the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) looking for a range of charges to ensure that he is given a heavy sentence?

Whatever transpires from this case the public’s perception of porn is potentially going to be swayed and associated with paedophiles when a direct association doesn’t exist.

“Extreme” porn doesn’t make you a paedophile – being a sick fuck makes you a paedophile.

You can read the story here.