Ukraine Spam & Porn

By | July 26, 2009

Victoria ZdrokAs you are probably aware Alex and I run Adult Blog Hub a resource for adult bloggers to be listed on the Toplist and to add posts. This is a valuable way to both promote your site and meet other like-minded bloggers.

We now restrict new members on the site to being purely “Bloggers” and not the extremely commercial “Girl Gallery” type sites which purely post images and no textual content. The site is also current we don’t have any dead sites listed, if you see a site on ABH then they are currently active.

There is nothing worse than clicking to a site only to find that there last post was in 2003. lol So if you haven’t already signed up and registered your blog then what are you waiting here for. 😉

Sorry, I went a little off piste then.

The reason for this post does relate to Adult Blog Hub in that we get no end of spam clicks in from dodgy sources. And the worst perpetrator at present appears to be traffic from the Ukraine. Now they could be some of the nicest people out there but they don’t half produce some unwanted traffic.

But there is always a ying & yang effect and theirs is that they also have some very good porn stars. Lol I’m trying hard to think of one. Oh yes, Victoria Zdrok the girl up there at the top of this post.

I suppose we have to take the rough with the smooth.