Online Sex Isn’t Cheating – So have a Fuck-away Day

By | July 27, 2009

Purple PantsI love surveys that are commissioned by commercial organisations and Surprise! Confirm that we should all be using their products. LOL

Of course it may be true but you do have to be a bit sceptical.

In this case it’s the online “Casual dating site” Be Naughty, who say that 70%+ of people don’t think that online flirting is cheating. What they don’t say is if fucking your online chum, no strings, just the occasional mutual orgasm in a hotel room is being unfaithful.

Of course what you do with another consenting adult is your choice, that’s not in question. But like I said it’s like the oil companies bringing out a report that driving a big gas-guzzling car will give you a utopian life – read the small print and remember who commissioned the survey.