Getting The Right Tool For The Job

By | May 20, 2007

It was another warm, sunny and very pleasant weekend again over here in the UK.  And with another Bank Holiday coming up next weekend thoughts turned to SEX no unfortunately there other things in life…like DIY.  *groan*  It just has to be done and every time there is a holiday I seem to spend it doing something around the house.  Never seem to get enough time during the working week.

So off to the DIY merchants we went.  We are rubbing down the internal doors to give them a new lick of paint, white soon gets marked but looks so good.  I’m complaining about having to prep them and then paint them but really I shouldn’t because this is only the second time they have been re-painted since they were hung.

Alex and I set off in time for the store opening to avoid the other like minded DIY’ers and the inevitable queues.  Bank Holiday weekends over here spell “Do it yourself” and a busy time for the local casualty departments I believe, with people falling off ladders, injuring themselves with various power tools and other miscellaneous accidents.  So if you are planning on doing anything out of the ordinary next weekend make sure you are careful with your equipment.  🙂  You just knew I had to get that one in didn’t you.

I like visiting the DIY store, in fact I sometimes prefer it to shopping for myself.  The reason being that the stores usually attract a high proportion of males and that means only one thing…potential eye candy for you know who.  😉

We parked up the car in the VERY full car park.  I mean what the hell are all those people doing up first thing on a Saturday morning, shouldn’t they be in bed sleeping off the night before!  Bugger, I thought as we made our way in to the store.

Alex pulled me off towards something that would make my life a whole lot easier next weekend.

Power tools!

Yes, I was to get my very own…now don’t faint when I tell you…and don’t get jealous…

…a Black & Decker Mouse!

If you aren’t familiar with what this looks like here it is, it’s a hand held power sander.

Aren’t I a lucky girl when what I really wanted was one of those at the top of this post.  I suppose it’s not ever day that a girl gets given there very own mini sander instead of a Cone.

Am I the only girly who gets given such useful and imaginative gifts or are there others out there.  Do tell…