Fucking The Piss Out Of Me

By | July 27, 2009

ShaggedAlex and I have had a very emotionally fraught last few weeks. Tension has abounded in the household and not because of each other but external problems which we had no control over.

This has ultimately taken its toll on our sex life. Not that we have abstained but it has been more a case of a quick shag and then on with work. We have been slightly distracted and that doesn’t make for lingering sexual play. You feel emotionally drained and too tired to be creative in the bedroom.

So last night was a welcomed changed and very, very enjoyable escapism.

We were lying in bed watching of all things Johnny Depp’s excellent performance in Sweeney Todd. I know it’s not exactly conducive to bedroom frolics. But on the contrary Alex became hard and moved in between my legs to penetrate me.

I prefer doggy style so it was a different experience as he pushed inside me and then grasped a breast through my slip in each hand and gently began to roll my ample breasts under his hands. He then took hold of my hips and masterfully pulled me towards him, impaling me deeper on to his hard cock.

He then started to fuck me like a thing possessed. I raised my shoulders off the pillow, tilting my pelvis to maximise the g-spot stimulation he was already giving me. Within minutes I was coming and soon after Alex groaned as he came.

When we had laid next to each other for a few minutes holding hands, catching our breaths I rolled over to kiss him and realised I was laying on a very wet patch on the mattress. And the back of my slip was wet through.

It has been a long time since I squirted and the bed and I were wet through, I had to deploy the hairdryer. 😉

Oh, and just for clarity I hadn’t peed myself, squirting something completely different …