Naughty Goings On in Hotel Rooms

By | July 29, 2009

Hotel RoomThere’s a photo feature over on the Telegraph at the moment about some of the bizarre things found in hotel rooms. They are all pretty amusing, though I have to say that my favourite is the guest who turned the loo into a charcoal oven and cooked themselves a stir fry.

You have to assume they edited the list to exclude the naughty stuff. We’ve come close to leaving stuff in hotel rooms that would have amused the staff. BDSM equipment usually, like whips or floggers.

If we had done then would we have called the hotel and asked for them to be sent on? I think Suze would have had reservations but I’d have loved the conversation with the front desk and the housekeeping staff when trying to find out if they’d been handed in.

It’s the devilish streak in me.

The odd leather whip is one thing but there must have been some pretty yucky stuff left by some room occupants – and I’m not just talking about soiled linen.

Anyone out there worked in a hotel and had to tidy up after a sticky sexual fling?