Clarissa – Part 2

By | May 21, 2007

Fuck he was huge! She felt at her limit trying to accommodate his girth, the scale of his cock was almost too big to be pleasurable. Almost.

She pulled herself upright and settled down on his groin, grinding against his pubis until totally impaled. His eyes told her he wouldn’t last long “You sexy bitch” she told herself “They don’t stand a chance”.

Clarissa squeezed him, firmly but gently with the muscles of her vagina and watched the effect it had on him. He was so ready to cum, she wanted to prolong the act, postpone the moment. Her hunger was showing though, the intensity flowing out of her into him.

He felt it, though did not comprehend it. His neck rested on a rotting twig, its fabric in the process of being consumed by an almost invisible fungus. Each part of the organism was microscopic but Vincent could feel himself drawn along its filigree network of tendrils amongst the leaf mould on the forest floor. He tasted the wood, oak, elm, beech, sycamore, each with its own character, texture and taste. He encountered a mouse two days dead, the corruption of its flesh was nauseating to his human senses but now it was another source of nourishment, almost fresh, it would be days before he could extract the nutrients from it easily…

Vincent’s body called him back, Clarissa was riding him now, leaning forward, enjoying the cock that filled her, stretched her. She rubbed her clitoris against his pubic hair, the wiry curls igniting cascades of stellar pleasure inside her. He felt a momentary pain in his shoulders, her hands grasping at them, then the pain was gone as her hands slipped inside and merged with his flesh.

Clarissa laughed, his orgasm coalesced in front of her, the joy on his face the rush of energy coursing through his flesh. She felt him rise up and slam his cock into her, felt his hot semen fill her. Her teeth were fully exposed now but he saw them with an incomprehension that rendered him blind to her animal, lustful hunger. Clarissa dived forward and bit deep into Vincent’s neck, his racing heart pumped blood from his breached carotid artery into Clarissa’s waiting mouth at such pressure that she found her self unable to drink it all, the dark red eau de vie spilled from her lips and covered her face while she feasted.

With his heart’s last beat she sat upright, still speared on his cock, blood now running down her neck and between her breasts. The world was sharp around her, vivid in its clarity. Moments like this, when she had just fed made the disadvantages of her new existence seem almost inconsequential…

Before the blood had chance to dry on her skin she absorbed it, letting it seep through her dermis until no trace remained. Acutely conscious of the sticky humidity between her legs she left Vincent to the forest, his corpse quickly concealed under an unseasonal fall of leaves from the trees around him.


Mark saw her intense dark light moving in under the canopy of the forest, she was easy to find after a fresh kill. Young, reckless dangerous to herself and all her kind. He followed her at a distance, waiting until she was in the open before closing the gap between them.

A few meters behind her he whispered her name in his mind. She turned, “I thought it was you following me. Mark, you’re terrible at stalking, it’s a wonder the humans don’t here you coming.”

“They want to see you. Tonight”

“I’m busy.”

“It isn’t a request.”

“They can come to me.” There was arrogance in her voice, but underneath an uncertainty.

“They’ll send the Stewards if you don’t go to them.” Mark said “Steward” with a reverence born of fear.

Clarissa was quelled, even she feared the Stewards. “Later then” She attempted to cover her disquiet with a carefree intonation. It didn’t work.