Setting My Pussy Free!

By | July 30, 2009

PussyAfter almost 21 days of incarceration my pussy is now free. I bet there are lots of you out there who haven’t been keeping up. Go on, raise your hands so we can see who you are. Lol

To recap. My cat dislocated his toe on his foot much to my dismay as I reached the top of the stairs to see him sat there with his toe pointing skyward.

We took him to the vets who strapped him up and advised that he would need to kept in for the toe to relocate and his muscles to strengthen around it once the bandage was removed. The end result almost 3 weeks of being inside for an outdoor moggy.

He has spent the last couple of weeks giving me “evils” for not allowing him to go out. I think there was almost a level of understanding and near acceptance the first week because he knew he had a strange things stuck on his leg.

But the last couple of week he has been driving me crazy and manoeuvring in/out of the house has been with military precision. Involving diversionary tactics. Such as access to areas normally behind doors.

If you have a cat you will know just how enticing and exciting gaining access to unusual areas is for a cat. 😀

Well, yesterday without any ado because it shouldn’t have happened. We returned from a shopping trip to be met by the cat standing immediately behind the door. With no other means of entry to the property we had to make a decision.

We either go and sit in the car until her thinks we have gone. Risking the frozen fare defrosting. Or we let him out in to the big wide world.

With little debate we allowed him to escape and skip off down the driveway. I’m sure I saw him smile.

And today he has been a different cat altogether. We can take him off the Prozac. Lol