Horny & Busty Reunion

By | July 31, 2009

Nice BoobsWhen I handed my notice in I was so eager to get out of that place that I used my holiday to whittle down my remaining days. This meant that I left without saying goodbye to Busty who was on her holidays at the time and a couple of other members of staff weren’t around.

We all agreed that I should have a leaving do but when everyone could make it. It was decided once their holidays were out of the way and everyone was able to attend we would have a night out.

I got a call today asking me if I want to meet up for drinks and a light meal next week. It will be great to catch up with them all and hear all the latest gossip. And of course to get my reunion hug off Busty. Now that will be worth turning up for. Lol

It’s great working from home and the sense of achievement working for yourself but I do miss the girls. Our little chats and rants and generally putting the world to rights.

I’m sure there will be plenty of emotion and lots of fun. I’ll let you know how it goes.

It does seem strange having a leaving do 4 weeks after leaving. Lol