Voyeur Porn

By | August 2, 2009

ShowerI quite like the idea of voyeur porn. The opportunity to watch someone fucking without them knowing. The most exciting aspect of the act is that the people don’t know you are there. Feined voyeurism just isn’t the same, doesn’t hold the same fascination and excitement for me.

I have had several encounters of voyeurism over the years. My first stems back to my early years, I guess I was about 10 years old and although I knew what was going on I don’t think I totally understood it. If you know what I mean. As a kid you see things differently.

It was an encounter between a baby sitter and her boyfriend whilst both my neighbours and I were in her trust. She took her boyfriend upstairs to fuck and I caught site of this through a crack in the door. I clearly remember being excited by this and annoyed at her blatant disregard for her wards.

The next occurred some years later when I was visiting a friend and she took me to her “bit on the side’s” house. I thought we were just visiting but no, she fucked him downstairs in the living room whilst I entertained his housemate upstairs in his room.

That isn’t quite how it sounds. Lol He was a mad keen keyboard player who wanted to show me his Moog. Ok, that doesn’t sound right either. Let me just say it was purely plutonic and he was a good player too. 😉

These were true voyeuristic opportunities for me just a couple of the many I have encountered but because they weren’t re-enactments were true, gritty, dirty acts.

My reason for telling you all this…I just did a quick search to see how many sites are claiming to be voyeuristic ones and I’m guessing looking at what is available out there not many.