Pick Up In A Pick-Up

By | May 23, 2007

Today just got hotter and hotter and when I got in to my car (without aircon) to drive home I wished I had a convertible and could just lower my top.  😉  I had to make do with opening all my car windows and the sunroof in the vain hope that the rush of air would cool the near boiling car down.

I just wished I had gone to work in a skirt today instead of trousers and a short sleeved shirt.  By the end of the day my g-string was stuck up my crack and my boobs were dieing to be released from the confines of my bra.

I set out on my normal route home and had quite an uneventful trip back, that was until I was about 3 miles from my home.  As I approached the queuing traffic at the roundabout I headed for the middle lane. 

About 20 yards from the roundabout the traffic came to a halt.  I became aware of a silver truck on my right just easing up beside my car.  In my peripheral vision I could just make out someone leaning out of the window.  I didn’t look, not wanting to attract his attention.

“I could do with a pair of glasses like those”, came his voice through my window.

I kept on staring straight ahead a smile only moments from my lips.

“Not talking then”, came his response to the silence.

At that point the traffic moved forward and I lifted my left foot and applied the gas, edging slowly forward leaving him behind.

I took a sneaky look in my side mirror and there were two bronzed bald headed guys in the truck.

Smiling to myself and although I don’t like to admit it, enjoying the attention I sat still in the middle lane as he came alongside again.

“Now then gorgeous, what are you doing tonight”, he cheekily asked.

I think I must have given myself away when a smile appeared on my face.

“Are we talking now?”

The traffic moved forward again and once more I squeezed the accelerator, grateful for the release.  But it didn’t last long, his truck pulled ring alongside again.

“Well, what do you say I’m doing nothing?”

At that moment came my break the car in front of me pulled out on to the roundabout and I put my foot down firmly on the accelerator and followed them out.

Leaving my suitor behind in a trail of dust.  🙂

I continued on towards home and felt a slight relief at not having to answer the guy.  Lol

It must have been the strangest location that I have ever been chatted up in, how about you?  I bet you have some stories to tell…