When You Just Need To Fuck

By | August 3, 2009

Teddy babeAs a girl I used to have a favourite teddy bear. He was threadbare and not very cuddly really because he was stuffed with what felt like straw. I was given him as a toy when I was born and gave him the imaginative name of Teddy Edward.

I still have him somewhere in the house. He has probably been retired to the attic. Lol Following TE I had a whole string of soft toys which would adorn my bed, dogs, ducks, cuddly bunnies and cats.

When you get yourself a boyfriend these toys are no longer important you have a new toy to play with. 😉

But what do boys do when they grow too old for their teddies?

The answer is they get a Teddy Babe. You think I’m making this up don’t you. 🙂 No there really is a plush love doll which is fully poseable with a removable orifice. You are looking at Lisa, she had red hair and green eyes with latex lips.

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I didn’t check if you could put them in the washing machine. Let me know if you find out. 😉