A Leather Dominatrix Fixes Everything

By | August 3, 2009

Sienna Miller, BaronessMy attention was first drawn to the G.I. Joe film “The Rise Of Cobra” by Sienna Miller’s arse. It was 12 feet high on the side of a double decker bus clad in shiny leather. Very eye-catching.

It occurred to me that the cinemas will be equally full of teenage boys and their fathers when it launches in the UK. The certificate is yet to be announced but it’ll probably be a 12 so I don’t have the excuse of taking little nephew to see it, LOL. Too much violence, though from what I’ve seen the violence is in the A-Team style; i.e. lots of ordnance going off but no casualties.

Sienna Miller is not the only piece of top totty in the film. It’s packed with it, and although I’m not entirely qualified to make a judgement there seems to be a bit of male talent there too. Not least Christopher Ecclestone who Suze has had a thing about since he played Doctor Who.

Who said modern action films were all about the CGI?