Serial Fucking

By | August 4, 2009

BJMost of us must recall the case of John Wayne Bobbitt in 1993, where his wife cut off almost half of his penis. She claimed that after years of abuse and being raped that evening (which he was acquitted for) she climbed out of bed to get a glass of water and noticed the knife on the kitchen side.

Allegedly thoughts ran through Lorena’s head of the years of abuse she had suffered and she went back in to the bedroom and did the deed.

Not content with cutting off half his manhood she then took the piece of cock and drove off in her car. At some point on her journey she wound down the window and threw the cockette (what do you call part of a cock?) out of the window.

Later having calmed down she called the police and the rest is history.

I’m reminded of this incident because I just read about a wife who exacted revenge on her serial cheater husband.

She and three of his mistresses lured him to a hotel and…

Ok, you can read the rest here.