Six Drunken Girls and Me

By | August 4, 2009

lickTonight should be fun. We’re off out with the girls from Suze’s ex-office. If you’ve not been keeping up Suze left her job several weeks ago to work full time on the sites. The girls, including Busty and Horny wanted to see how things were going so they organised a get-together at a local restaurant.

So it turns out I’ll be the only bloke.

Now if this were a porn movie I’d be down to my underwear and dragged into a back room for a bit of group sex. Sadly enticing as being sandwiched between busty and Suze is I hardly think it’s a real possibility. Randy I am, delusional I am not.

I mean when did you last have a group of women fighting over who was going to suck your cock first. And I’m talking about in real life here, not the last wet dream you had.

Some scenarios make great porn films and great material for the wank bank but if you start believing they can happen … you need a little help.

It’ll be good to see them all again. And I’m sure Suze will let you know what happens …