“Rammer-Lama No Dong!”

By | May 24, 2007

A couple of days ago Alex and I placed our order for the next two Toy Reviews with our friends over at our sex toy supplier.  It gets me all excited just like a little kid at Christmas, anticipating their arrival, followed swiftly by their use.  😉  Well, I don’t like to keep you waiting.

So I have been on tenter hooks waiting for them to be delivered.  Not to mention, making sure that I have some clothes on in case the postman should knock.  Or should I say, the bulldog faced Rammer appear at the door.  Lol

When they didn’t arrive this morning I was sure that Friday morning would be the day and wondered all the way to work if I could open the parcel and have a quick “Go” with them before leaving for work.  But that wouldn’t be fair to Alex, who was equally excited about using our latest Sex Toys.

As I pulled on to the driveway I noticed something wedged no, rammed in to the letterbox in the door.  I locked the car and eagerly sped down the drive.  I retrieved the card.  It was from the Post Office…they had tried to deliver the parcel and the explanation for not delivering it was “Too Big For Letterbox”.  🙁

I’m sure if the Rammer had his evil way with the package he would have bent it in two and pushed it as hard as he could through the door, perhaps using a foot to coax it on its way.  😀  Common sense must have prevailed because this guy doesn’t think twice about folding up our mail and just ramming it in there.

The only other piece of post that he hasn’t folded and wedged in the door is Birthday cards, he must draw the line at that and Sex Toys.  I’m also thankful that he didn’t offer to leave it with our elderly neighbours up the road.  If he had torn the packaging trying to get it through the door, who knows what they would be privy to.  It doesn’t bear thinking about.

So tomorrow Alex is going to get up bright and early (they are open from 5am) to go to the Post Office and collect the package.   Aren’t you dear?

Who knows, we may get time to test one of them before we leave for work…