Dirty, Filthy Business

By | August 6, 2009

Sexy ChocolateAs I mentioned last night in my intoxicated post I met up with my old girly workmates. We had a great night catching up but the conversation gravitated towards my old arch rival The Bully. Everyone, and I mean everyone was quite vociferous about him and the way he is ruling the company like a tyrant.

I found myself getting quite worked up about him – still – even though I haven’t worked with him now for about a month.

It must have been therapy for them because they appeared to be exorcising their demons and by the end of the night we had returned to normal conversation. Lol

Which brought about some interesting questions relating to what I am doing now. If Alex had, had his way, he would have come straight out with exactly what I am filling my days with. I however declined the opportunity to come clean and say I am working in porn and sex toys all day. 😉

As our regular visitor Sonic asked as a comment on an earlier post I thought I would let you know what I have told them. Strictly speaking it is in part correct but not totally honest. They think I am writing copy for a new website.

So, it is partly right. Just a little frugal with the truth. I did jokingly suggest that should the amount of work I have to do become insurmountable I may need to approach one of them to help me out. They all smiled and nodded in agreement. *Insert dirty laugh*

I would love to come clean. Ooooh errrrr! But I don’t think it would be prudent. Least not at present anyway.