Making A Clean Sweep

By | May 25, 2007

The AlexSuze household has become a shine to the Sex Toy lately, with the reviews and tireless testing.  All for the benefit of our readers.  Lol

Every room seems to contain a butt plug, dildo or other object of pleasure and to us that is perfectly normal.  We are comfortable with our sexuality and open in our pursuit of carnal pleasures.

It seems perfectly normal to share the living room with a dildo or the bedroom with a clit stimulator sitting on the bedside cabinet.  Perhaps a little too normal, as is the way with comfort and familiarity it can lead to an embarrassing downfall.  Like the parents turning up unexpectedly or in our case little nephew stopping with us overnight.

Alex and I did a sweep of all the house and collected the various items of naughtiness together.  We needed to be able to lock them away because little nephew is becoming more aware and inquisitive as children do.  So we decided to use one of our old combination lock suitcases.

We whizzed around the house before collecting up items, we must have looked humorous dashing around clutching dildos, vibes and lubes but we managed to collect every last one and lock them away in the suitcase until the little one had gone home.

As soon as we finished up and secreted the case under our bed (it needs to be to hand doesn’t it?) we left to collect him in the car.  It’s great to have him stay over but tiring after a week at work but it helps out and we love to have him despite being absolutely buggered by the time he goes home.  🙂

I let him in to the house whilst Alex parked up the car and the first thing he does is go to check his room and then he does a tour of the house.  I suppose he is checking if there is anything new to see.

Just as he enters the office I spotted it…

…there on the bookshelf was the box from the strap-on I fucked Alex with the other day, if you missed the review you can catch up on it here.  I quickly flew past the little one almost turning him in to a spin and grabbed the box.  It wouldn’t have mattered if it hadn’t so graphically illustrated the contents of the box on the outside and I didn’t quite feel up to explaining to his mummy why I had a box with a willy in it.  🙂

I got away with it as little nephew was so stunned by my quick moves that he didn’t notice me throw the box up on top of the bookshelf.  I’ve got to admit that as I write this post I’m still wondering if we managed to move everything, or is there something lurking in a drawer somewhere.

Whatever it is it’ll probably come to light when Alex’s mum is there to see it. Aaaargh!

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