Dirty Books And Being Filthy In The Office

By | August 8, 2009

Country GirlI have a number of erotic books to review at the moment from Xcite. I’m going to make an effort to read at least one of them this weekend.

Up to now it’s not been a problem to spend a little time each day reading while I’ve been on my lunch at work because the client I was working for gave me my own, very private, office. However I’m now spending more time in our head office and that means I can’t whip out a book with a picture of a dominatrix on the front without turning heads.

Looks like I’m going to have to do what Suze used to do and disappear off to the car at lunch to keep up with my reading. I don’t want to stop reading books because after years of getting my literary fixes online it was a very pleasant surprise to rediscover just how much I enjoy reading printed books.

So, expect more erotic books reviews soon over at Erotic Buzz.