The Dirtiest Of Dirty Ladies

By | August 9, 2009

Retro glamourI’ve never been one to collect books or magazines. I’d accumulate them if they were of interest to me and keep the ones that were useful for reference but never felt the urge to seek out and hoard back issues like some do.

Collecting in general is not something that I’ve ever really done, save for stamps when I was a kid and coins, briefly.

So it came as a bit of a surprise to me this evening when I realised that I had the urge to start collecting adult magazines. It all stems from visiting the magazine shop last weekend. I love the artwork used in 1950s and 60s publications in general. Now add that to the adult theme and how the women in those mags are presented and I realise I find the subject very engaging.

The realisation that I could be tempted to pop back and buy a few 30 year old editions of some of the UK’s iconic porn mags is quite a revelation. I know why I want to own them, my increasing obsession with the visual media, both contemporary and historic. Still makes me feel a bit odd though.

Well, one thing that will prevent me from actually going back there and doing it is that I’m pretty skint. Vintage porn does not even get a look-in on my list of household necessities so for now at least those tempting copies of Spick And Span and Fiesta with the curly haired 1980s cover girls will be staying in their cellophane wrappers on the shelves.