Stuff And Nonsense

By | October 1, 2006

What do you think to the new banner? Don’t worry, it’s only temporary. During October we thought we’d have some themed banners in the run-up to Halloween. Oh and one other thing, I had a story published by the very nice and obviously discerning ( 🙂 ) people at Oysters & Chocolate.

So, I’m a happy bunny at the moment, except for the small matter of having to go back to work tomorrow. Rats.

Oh, yes, I nearly forgot, Gravatars. Well, DH did warn me but the Gravatars were slowing down the site horribly so I’ve disabled them for a while. If I can’t work out how to speed the buggers up they’re off permanently and I’ll be seeking another solution to comment avatars on this blog. I assume the Gravatar site is a victim of its own success as the problems seem to be related to the speed at which the servers are able to serve the images. Anyway, more on that shortly.