The Porn Star, The Deceit, The Lies And The Total Lack of Content In A TV Programme

By | August 10, 2009

Red BikiniOK, no names, no pack drill. We just watched a TV programme that succeeded in being packed with salacious language and “revelations” and yet was almost completely bereft of factual content.

If you live in the UK and wanted a bit of naughtiness to finish off your Sunday evening before returning to work then you probably watched it. It was the only thing that stood out in a rather lack-lustre Sunday evening schedule.

I’m quite at home with the realisation that TV is not completely factual and that for dramatic effect documentary makers often dramatise events or extrapolate from facts into fiction to demonstrate a point.

What I saw tonight was laughable.

In a programme that claimed to explore (albeit in a light-hearted way) the sexuality of contemporary British society I found that I couldn’t believe more than a small fraction of what was being said.

I watched celeb after Z-List celeb talking about there experiences and views on sex and sexual morals thinking “Who are these bloody people”. Then I spotted a name I knew, a “Model”. We both said “You mean porn star!”

This model was portrayed as being a sex maniac who would have sex anywhere and in all sorts of extraordinary situations. Er, yeah – she’s a hardcore porn star – a good one too LOL.

Like I said I’m not going to say who it was or name the programme because I don’t have a problem with anyone who appeared in it. But I do have a problem with the distortion of the facts when it comes to sex, well with the media distorting reality in general actually.