Hardon’s & Ice

By | August 10, 2009

Naughty Ice CreamI don’t know if it is because Suze is not really a girly girl but I never got the eating chocolate or ice cream for that matter, is as good as sex. That’s a bloody great lie. Give me sex any day and if I have to pay you for it in chocolate or ice cream then so be it. Lol

But how about combining the two, sex and ice cream.

You now can because a subversive underground group have created a whole new adventure in ice. They call it the Sex Pistol and listed in the ingredients are Absinth and Viagra. Other speciality icecreams include Manticato Italiano with ingredients such as Tahitian vanilla icecream and balsamic vinegar and the Prince Harry which consists of spiced ginger icecream sandwiched between two ginger nut cookies.

They will be showcasing their wares at a “Guerilla Installation” at Selfridges which runs from 10/09/09 to 01/10/09 and if I lived near London I would probably drop in to try some.

Although I don’t think Alex needs the Viagra at the moment. 😉

You can check out their site here www.theicecreamists.com.