Sex Sells

By | August 11, 2009

Bad SignWe all understand the power of using sex to sell products and services. For example where would Agent Provocateur be without the raunchy advertising, the bottle of aftershave which women can’t resist and the latest Peugeot advert where the brunette slinks around the car and says to the young salesman “OK, fact me”.

There was an advert which ran a couple of years ago for a beer which involved a guy being dominated by a woman. She led him to the bathroom and made him lick the toilet clean. I think that ran for a few days after I mentioned to Alex that the advert would be pulled due to complaints and guess what.

It was a great advert, humorous and clever but obviously it offended some people.

I think the Computer Doctor should have given their advertisement a little more thought though. What do you think? Lol