Voyeuristic Filth

By | August 13, 2009

OooohIt never fails to amaze me just industrious perverts can be, they will go to any lengths to satisfy their depraved minds. Although there is a certain amount of humour in this story.

Tewkesbury Town Council, Gloucestershire have erected a temporary toilet block whilst they refurbish the existing public toilets.

The council who have been maintaining the toilet block have had to call in the police after holes were found in the cubicle walls. Over the past couple of weeks the police have apprehended a man suspected of drilling the holes but he has been released on both occasions. Why?

They have recommended that CCTV cameras are installed to monitor the toilets but the council said they can not afford to.

I have an idea, a small one, why the hell didn’t they arrest the guy who has been doing this? Just a thought. I’ll get off my soapbox now. Lol