Heidi Cums Clean

By | August 13, 2009

Heidi PrattI was only saying the other day that I usually have sex twice a day and sometimes three. Until now I was considering myself a lucky girl and then I read an article about Heidi Pratt. Am I the only one who at this moment in time is saying “who the hell is Heidi Pratt?”. Lol

I’ve never heard of her but she is apparently a 22 year old blonde who gets her kit off for Playboy’s September issue. She is also interviewed for the magazine by of all people her husband Spencer. No idea who he is either.

But the key element in this post is what she actually discloses to the magazine readers. She claims that she was never very sexual until she met Spencer and that he gives her up to 30 orgasms per day.

Now that takes some beating. I bet she had to keep up her fluid levels and occasionally get out of bed to do interviews for example.

Lucky girl!