The Most Revealing Web Cam

By | August 14, 2009

Cell PhonesI’ve just had the most amazing idea for a new phone application. I wonder if Google will go for it. Based on the fact that the Android operating system claims to give application developers total control over the functionality of a handset I don’t see why you couldn’t write an app to monitor your partner’s movements and even listen to/watch them when they were away from home.

In a rather less sinister way it could make for the ultimate in voyeur cam with the permission of the phone’s owner. I wonder why cam sites haven’t done this already. Instead of the dormitory style houses packed with fixed cameras the girls could go out and do the wild thing wherever they liked and stream the content back to the sites.

Not that I’m in to that sort of thing but I’m sure it must be technically feasible.

I’m off to check for any suspicious apps on my phone.