New Skin

By | May 28, 2007

The old template was looking a bit tired and it only had one sidebar, so I poked around on the Word Press site and found the “Green Darkly” template. Being green it took a bit of work (Replacing most of the images and most of the colours, and adding the style sheets) to change it to our red and black scheme. I also added some of our proprietary PHP and Javascript.

On the subject of which, when you comment, a link to your site now appears on our sidebar. Nice little custom-built PHP widget, if I do say so myself. So if you’re a member of Belong, and you’ve registered an avatar at Belong, your image appears next to your comment.

It’s more than likely that there will be niggly problems with the site over the next few days, though I think they’ll only be minor ones. I’d be really grateful if you spot anything peculiar happening, especially if you use Fire Fox, Safari or any other non-Microsoft browser as I don’t tend to use Fire Fox and don’t have a Mac.