Casual Sex

By | August 15, 2009

SuzeYou may find this hard to believe because I’m a very frank and honest sexual woman with an insatiable appetite for cock. Lol But I don’t do casual sex or one night stands, never have. I think it has something to do with valuing myself.

I’m of the belief that you don’t just hand it out on a plate, aside from the possibility of contracting an STD or the AIDS virus. I suppose casual sex occurs most often when there is a strong animal desire to screw and I have the ability to say “now just hold on for a moment, I want to fuck his brains out but I want to be safe”.

Believe me Alex didn’t get in to my pants without a condom until I knew his sexual history and he had been accepted by the blood donors, Surety that he didn’t have AIDS without him taking a test. We all have to be responsible.

It may sound clinical but I don’t fancy playing Russian roulette with my health. Lol

Anyway, what brought me to this subject is a piece I just read in the Metro about women being more choosey who they bed these days. You can read it here.

I must say the male response didn’t surprise me. 😉