He’ll Fuck Anything

By | August 15, 2009

CopI pose this question “Just how drunk do you have to be to want to fuck your car?” My next question is “And if you were overcome with the desire to engage with your vehicle in this way, would you do it outside a store?”.

Most of us must be guilty of doing some pretty stupid, even regrettable things when intoxicated. I know I have done some daft things in my time but I have never felt like I needed to jump my car. Lol

There is a story in the papers about Danny Brawner aged 46 of Alberquerque, New Mexico being charged with indecent exposure after performing a sex act with his vehicle outside the supermarket.

With his trousers around his ankles, his arms in the air and shouting (he didn’t want to draw attention to himself then. 🙂 ) he was shagging his car boot.

I wonder if it was a first for the arresting officers. Lol