She’s A Tramp And Proud of It

By | August 16, 2009

In The 80sI can’t work out in my own mind if the title of the post refers to the song by Cher “Tramps and Thieves”, or looking like you’ve got dressed from the leftovers of a rummage sale. I’ll go for the former as I like the gypsy look and not the bag lady look.

I was watching E24 on the BBC’s news channel when out of the blue and with a very tenuous link to the show’s “entertainment” remit Gok Wan appeared and started talking about summer fashion. The segment looked like padding to me but one good thing did come out of it. The 1980s is back after being out of fashion for a couple of months and Bo Ho is making an appearance again.

Now I’m not a big follower of fashion as such but the 1980s as a whole and anything a bit Bohemian and hippy Chicky does it for me so yippee on both counts. I find that hippy chick makes a woman look more feminine and sexy, though I could never work out the furry gilet thing. And as for the 1980s, it was theatrical and self conscious in an un-self-conscious sort of way. To clarify everyone wanted to be looked at and were therefore totally aware of the image they were projecting to others and yet some of the most outrageous fashions made it from the catwalk to the high street and were worn.

You never know next season we might jump back to the glamour of the 1930s and 1940s – pin-up glamour and all that. I mean look at the popularity of burlesque these days. Stranger things have happened – like the snood for example.