Play Time

By | May 29, 2007

After the little one had gone back home and we had regained our strength thoughts turned to the naughtiness we had promised ourselves would happen this weekend.  The house was once again quiet, just us and the cat.

Around 9pm we retired to bed, still weary but a little more energised following dinner and a couple of hours unwinding vegging in front of the television.

We decided to try out one of our latest sex toys.  Alex grabbed the package out of the lockable suitcase under the bed and removed our latest acquisition.  🙂  Our sex toy supplier had also rather generously included a selection of lubes for us to try too.

Each one was individually wrapped in it’s own bag in case of leakage.  I located the scissors in my top drawer (I have something for every occasion and need in that drawer.  😉 ) and cut the poly wrap from each one of the tubes of lube.

Alex unwrapped the toy and disappeared off to the bathroom to give it a thorough wash before we used it.  He is such a thoughtful guy.  🙂  Meantime I examined the lubes on offer for the nights fun.

It was then that I hit upon a bit of a problem…

…now don’t laugh, but I couldn’t read a few of them because the writing was small and electric lighting is not great to read by.  When Alex returned with his gleaming toy I asked him to take a look.  He couldn’t read the labels either but that was no surprise as his vision is worse than mine.  Lol  He put his glasses on but still couldn’t read them.

Alex being the practical guy that he is disappeared off in to the study and returned, camera in hand.

“What are you doing?”, I enquired.

“I’m going to take a picture of them, load it on to the pc and enlarge the image so that we can try and read it”.

Brilliant!  I thought.  I knew there was a reason that I was so infatuated with this guy, apart from the size of his dinkle.  Lol.

So he took the images, loaded them on to the pc and we still couldn’t read them properly even with 10 million pixel and a long lens 😉 .  The flash he had to use in the low light had obliterated the text.  We turned to each other and laughed.  How many other couples would be doing this during a night of passion?  Then again how many people are comfortable enough with each other to do it?

We returned to the bedroom none the wiser and I picked the first lube that came to hand…