Talking Orgasms

By | August 17, 2009

Naughty OfficeOne of the good things to come out of Alex being around is that I get some company. He’s been pt on short time due to the recession. Oh, and we also get some time to have an early morning shag without him rushing to get off to work.

But best of all is that we can take a break to do things like visiting the sex shop because we can always catch up with writing for the sites later in the day.

We did just that today and took a trip out to do some banking and pop in on the way back to see if they have anything new.

When we walked in there was one couple checking out the toys and a guy browsing the adult DVD section. I didn’t spot anything new, in fact the stock level was down on what it normally is.

Alex and I were walking around checking out the toys when the couple started to talk to the female assistant about the We Vibe. My ears pricked up because we reviewed it over a year ago. And for some reason I felt compelled to tell them what I thought about it.

I fought off the urge, rationalising that I would probably have done so had I been offered commission. Lol

I noticed the couple left without buying anything and I managed to keep schtum but it was hard, it’s in my nature to be helpful. 😉